Who we are
The Friendship Force of North Bay is a part of an international organization that is represented in 377 clubs in 60 different countries. Our club participates in non-profit and non-denominational cultural exchanges with clubs from many parts of the world as well as from within Canada. We hope this website will help you learn more about Friendship Force and how it operates in Northern Ontario.

Friendship Force International is a non-profit, non-denominational corporation chartered, in the USA, in 1977. The governing board of trustees set policies and guarantees that legal requirements and fiscal responsibilities are met. Founders envisioned that friendships among people of different nations and cultures would not only be personally enriching for participants, but would also contribute to world peace on a broad scale.

The Friendship Force of North Bay received its charter on March 22, 2004. As of January 31, 2013 we maintained an average of 47 to 50 registered members. Many of our members are retired but we do welcome working members, as well. The Friendship Force of North Bay provides the structure and leadership to conduct journeys between clubs, as requested, through Friendship Force International.

How it works
Host families receive no payment for opening their homes to friendship ambassadors. Ambassadors pay their own travel expenses plus an administration fee.

Inbound journeys
The host club, North Bay, is responsible for recruiting members who will open their homes to visiting ambassadors. On an inbound journey we can accommodate fifteen to twenty members. A programme is set-up which will include local tours and group activities reflecting community life and local culture.

Outbound journeys
Ambassadors may be members of any club in Canada. North Bay ambassadors may also apply to join any outbound journey being conducted by another Club, in any country. Either before or after the one-week homestay members may choose independent travel or arrange to return home. North Bay ambassadors have joined other FF clubs such as Connecticut (U.S.A.), Ottawa, and Niagara Region. Travelling internationally North Bay members have also joined clubs traveling to Belgium, the Netherlands, Japan, Turkey, and Vietnam.

Our Canadian Conference alternates every second year with the World Conference.