Friendship Force North Bay Directors - 2018
President: Vacant; VP Exchanges: Paul Beauregard; Membership: Marian Beauregard;
Secretary: Wynne Blair & Janet Poudrier; Treasurer: Helen Manning & Sharon Meilleur; Past President: Gord Hamden.
North Bay Club Membership
$40.00 annually per member
Outbound Administration Fee - North Bay Club
$25.00 per member, per journey
Outbound FFI- Atlanta Fee
$140.00 U.S. funds, per person, per journey
Outbound - Host Fee
$150.00 or more depending on proposed itinerary

Membership Form
Ambassador Application and Agreement
Ambassador Matching Form
Ambassador Emergency Contact Form
Travel Insurance Waiver Form
Payment Procedures
Incident Report Form
Ambassador Conduct Pledge
Any person travelling on a Friendship Force Inbound or Outbound Journey must be a Friendship Force member in good standing.
To contact the North Bay Friendship Force
please email